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British Pound To US Dollar British Pound To Swiss Franc_GBP/CHF US Dollar (USD) Euro (EUR)_USD/EUR
US Dollar To Japanese Yen_USD/JPY US Dollar To Chinese Yuan_USD/CNY Euro (EUR) Japanese Yen_EUR/JPY
US Dollar To Swiss Franc_USD/CHF British Pound To Euro_GBP/EUR US Dollar To Israeli Shekel_USD/ILS
US Dollar To Brazilian Real_USD/BRL US Dollar To Polish Zloty_USD/PLN USD To South African Rand_USD/ZAR
US Dollar To Indian Rupee_USD/INR US Dollar To Canadian Dollar_USD/CAD US Dollar To Australian Dollar_USD/AUD
Euro To Swiss Franc_EUR/CHF US Dollar To Hong Kong Dollar_USD/HKD US Dollar To Argentine Peso_USD/ARS
Euro (EUR) Chinese Yuan_EUR/CNY US Dollar To Russian Rouble_USD/RUB US Dollar To South-Korean Won_USD/KRW
USD To Saudi Arabian Riyal_USD/SAR Japanese Yen To Chinese Yuan_JPY/CNY US Dollar To Indonesian Rupiah_USD/IDR
HK Dollar To Chinese Yuan_HKD/CNY US Dollar To Iran Rial_USD/IRR British Pound To Chinese Yuan_GBP/CNY

US Dollar To Iraqi Dinar

IMF SDR(Special Drawing Right) with USD, EUR, CNY, JPY, GBP Exchange rate (Forex)